About our Global Research

5 x Cities Worldwide, Our Future Shoppers

Gen Z are a generation like no other. Diverse and well-educated, they currently constitute 32% of the global population and have an annual spending power of US $149billion. Born after 1996, Gen Z now have their own cash to spend, and over the next 10 years will redefine commerce as we know it.

So, we set out to investigate our “future shoppers” by researching 5 cities globally with some of the fastest growing economies and largest Gen Z populations (Manchester, Mumbai, Lagos, Houston and Shenzhen).

What we uncovered was a paradox. Gen Z’ers claim to seek out brands whose purpose represents their values, but there is a real difference between what they say and how they buy. Across three categories - Food & Drink, Technology and Fashion - the research confirmed the gaps left wide open for brands to fill as our future shoppers try to reconcile their beliefs and buying behaviors.

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VMLY&R COMMERCE is WPP’s end-to-end Creative Commerce Company. Our promise and conviction is that “Creative Commerce Converts” and to do that we deliver creativity that inspires conversion in the moment – regardless of channel.

We believe commerce is the next great canvas for creativity, driving both brand equity and commercial impact. By reinventing how we work – via our Connected Commerce Platform – we take a unified view of the purchase journey, to arrive at the most creatively engaging, culturally relevant commerce experiences. That can be anywhere life intersects with commerce - from physical stores to e-commerce, branded experiences to out-of-home, content to product packaging, social commerce to live streaming, voice and visual search to gaming, and more. We do this as part of a network of 13,000 specialists across 80 countries globally.


Pathfinder is our own quant research tool that we’ve used for part of this global research.  It uses a unique technology to uncover new insights from a target audience’s behaviour. Thanks to its proprietary algorithmic engine it can segment audiences based on behavioural traits, and reveal the moments that matter. 

Using a mobile first platform, Pathfinder’s visual methodology is ideal for recording CX and BX journeys as well as concept or creative testing.  It scales up and down depending on the objectives, offering turnaround times that go as low as a day.  Through Pathfinder, we can build, field, analyse, report and dashboard in one place. 


We’re living through the greatest uncertainty of our lifetimes. But it’s not a blip — it’s the new reality of constant disruption. And the next gen are putting on notice the brands and institutions who don’t play their part in making it better.

LIVITY is a creative business that works hand in hand with brands and the next generation to build the future better.

Clients choose to collaborate with us in order to earn their place in youth culture, define the new direction for their brands, and make meaningful contributions on the world’s biggest issues.